Hi! I'm Kaili Johnson,
A designer who loves to have fun while finding a purposeful solution. Whenever faced with a new design challenge, I consistently rely on the interplay of color and personality to guide me in resolving the task effectively.  I have a passion for design that implements design thinking into creative strategy. As a recent graduate from Syracuse University with a BFA in Communications Design and a minor in Information Management and Technology, I have combined my strong technical, analytical, and communicative skills with design. I am actively interested in UI/UX design and brand identities but can take on any design problem thrown at me. 
I appreciate the chance to develop in a setting that values experimentation and innovation. I want to join a team that goes above and beyond the norm and prioritizes coming up with solutions that are not just extraordinary but also beneficial and worthwhile. When I’m not brainstorming unique ideas you can find me cooking, trying out new hairstyles, and traveling. I hope to bring my specialized knowledge to the table. Feel free to reach out and let's create something exciting and meaningful together!

Let's Chat!

*Looking for hybrid/remote jobs in:
Chicago, IL
Washington D.C.
Atlanta, GA
New York, NY
Toronto, Ontario, CA
London, UK
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