Intro: Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through social media and focusing on food? The impulse or natural desire to view food porn is known as "Visual Hunger."
Insights: In many cases, the places where the mouthwatering food in these images is served are well-known eateries in large cities, keeping the food out of reach for many people who might otherwise enjoy it. Personally, I've seen meals on my feed that I want to taste but cannot because I'm far from the restaurant and they're the only ones that serve the dish. 
Solution: A conceptual mobile app that offers recipes from well-known restaurants' most popular dishes as well as details on each restaurant for users who live nearby so they can enjoy these delectable meals. This app is ideal for users who don't want to cook but want to locate a fantastic restaurant, users who enjoy cooking but want to find new recipes, and users who want to sample specific cuisine at well-known restaurants but aren't close enough to do so. 
project scope:

- Ux/UI design
- branding
- naming
- concept
- strategy
- Logo Development
- app design
- art direction
tools used:
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