Intro: Only 10–15% of donated clothes are actually sold secondhand. Many individuals donate their used clothing in an effort to save the environment, but many are unaware that this often results in the clothing being dumped in a landfill. 
Insights: The amount of textile waste dumped annually in the U.S. alone is around 21 billion pounds. As a result of receiving more donations than they can manage, national organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army pack up a large portion of them to be sold overseas or dumped in landfills. Costs associated with dumping total $7 million annually for California Goodwill alone.
Solution: A conceptual app under the Goodwill organization that notifies users when any Goodwill location is open to receiving new donations to decrease the overflow of donations that many stores get across the country. This app hopes to encourage users to give more responsibly and care about where their donation actually ends up.
project scope:

- UX/UI Design
- App design
- Concept
- strategy
- advertising
- art direction

tools used:
GOODwill web presence
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