Intro: In recent years, more black individuals have begun to join the surfing community and re-establish a connection with the ocean. Currently, racism and adversity are present, and black surfers are continuing to battle for their right to be in the water.
Insights: African wave-riding customs that date back hundreds of years can be linked to the origins of surfing in the Black community. Although enslavement and prejudice kept many Black Americans from participating in that tradition, many learned Polynesian surfing in the middle of the 20th century on segregated beaches. Today, a lot of Black surfers are addressing their common past and the pervasive racism in the surfing world.
Solution: A conceptual magazine that shares current events happening in the black surfing community and personal stories from black surfers and their experiences in the water.
project scope:

- publication design
- naming
- concept
- strategy
- Logo Development
- art direction​​​​​​​
tools used:
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