Intro: People have altered their physical features, such as changing their hair color, throughout history to cope with trauma, which can include everything from a breakup to a job loss to the loss of a loved one. It's an effective signal to the world and to oneself.
Insights: People can feel more confident and free to express themselves through their hair color. Color is a tool that people employ to project a more positive atmosphere. Especially with regard to themselves, people enjoy feeling in charge hence why people dye their hair after a trauma. Because they are in charge of their identity and appearance, those who dye their hair feel like a new person or who they felt they were all along.
Solution: A modern twist on box hair dye that gives you the feeling of being completely in charge by enabling you to customize your hair color and get salon results. On its website, Loka offers people two ways to pick the precise hue they need and have the dye supplied right to their home. The added elements in the hair color are completely natural and help your hair according to its type.
project scope:

- branding
- packaging
- UX/UI Design
- naming
- concept
- strategy
- Logo Development
- advertising
- web design
- art direction
tools used:
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