Intro: Many times, pet owners have seen their animals watching television either by themselves or with them. Usually, it's simply a humorous thing we see, but have you ever wondered if your pet understands what they're watching or if they're enjoying themselves? 
Insights: In some ways, watching television is enjoyable for dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and cats. They can distinguish animal motions and visuals on screens just like they can in the real world. Their minds are stimulated by the combination of sound and movement, which makes it a fantastic source of enjoyment. 
Solution: A brand-new pet-focused conceptual streaming service with a selection of pet-friendly films and television series. 
project scope:

- branding
- naming
- concept
- strategy
- Logo Development
- advertising
- UX/UI design
- web design
- art direction​​​​​​​
tools used:
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